Bringing healthy returns from the livestock feed market

Livestock feed markets play a huge role in a profitable corn crop. What’s the benefit? The Indiana Corn Marketing Council (ICMC) enhances Indiana’s corn feed markets and increases the value by listening and answering the needs of both feed customers and farmers.

Pigs, poultry, and cows are major customers for the state’s corn. And, these farms positively impact Indiana’s economy as a whole by generating tax revenue and creating jobs. ICMC also focuses on dried distillers grain (DDG) feed, research and regulation education as it relates to feed.

Research tells the story many already know — investing in animal agriculture is an investment in community vitality.

DDGS research

DDGs research is a top priority for ICMC. Feeding distillers grain to livestock continues to be an important topic because of the widespread availability of distillers grain in Indiana and high cost of alternative feed grains. Currently, ICMC is working with other corn states to look at diets with DDG incorporation.

Livestock exports

ICMC funds programs through the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) and USA Poultry and Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) to build export markets in key geographies, including Mexico and the Middle East.

Livestock farms bring more to the table than what’s on your plate 

The animal agriculture industry is an invested business in your community and is a profitable and viable economic contributor. Animal agriculture should be considered a viable and attractive option as zoning and planning continues in Indiana counties. And sure, when it comes to new or growing farms, there seem to be a lot of questions, but we have the answers.

The Economic Impact of Animal Agriculture in Indiana Regions Executive Summary

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear about Livestock Barns: Honest Answers to Valid Questions

Farmers Deliver — More than meat, dairy and eggs

Today’s farms don’t quite look the same as they did 20, 10 — or even 5 — years ago. Farmers are leveraging new technologies to make producing our food, fuel and fiber more efficient and safe for animals and the environment. Raising livestock in barns is just one of the ways farmers are doing just that.

Seven livestock and livestock-supporting organizations have come together to help engage community members and leaders in conversations to alleviate misconceptions about livestock expansion and support Indiana’s livestock farmers.

2018 Nutrient Calendar 

Each year the Indiana Soybean Alliance, ICMC and Purdue Extension team up to provide free nutrient management record-keeping calendars to all Confined Feeding Operations across the state.

These calendars are designed to help with the record-keeping process for any species and any producer and to help with future planning. The calendar has space for daily, weekly, monthly and annual records, including:

  • Rainfall and waterline inspections
  • Reminders to check lagoon marker readings
  • Inspection dates for manure storage facilities
  • Application dates/location of manure and/or wastewater
  • Crops harvested from each field

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