Opening a world of possibilities for Indiana corn

Exports and international trade are a top priority for Indiana corn farmers.

What’s the benefit? With 265 million bushels of Indiana corn leaving the United States in 2021, sustaining strong international markets remains vital to the success of Indiana corn growers.

ICMC partners with national organization, US Grains Council, which works to develop export markets in more than 50 countries.

In 2018, the total output from Grain Trade to Indiana’s economy is $2.48 Billion.

In 2018, the total value of Indiana Corn exported is $875 Million; Value of Ethanol Exported was $150 Million; Value of DDGS and CGF Exported is $153 Million, and 12,037 jobs were created.

And it’s not only whole corn, but corn in all forms, including pork, beef, and poultry products. ICMC partners with US Meat Export Federation and USA Poultry and Egg Export Council

According to a 2020 USMEF report, without red meat exports, Indiana farmers would have lost $374 million in corn revenue in 2019. (@ $0.46/bushel of Avg price $3.75/bushel)

  • In 2019, red meat exports of pork and beef added $0.46 to the average price of $3.75/bushel, which is equivalent to 12% of corn bushel value.
  • The projected market value of red meat exports to Indiana Corn from 2020-2029 is $1.379 Billion (US Meat Federation report 2020)
Check out the National Corn Growers Association publication,The World of Corn, to find the most important statistics about corn production, exports and consumption, providing key information in a readable format, comparing numbers and trends across the years.