Helping farmers work & care for their land

Indiana corn growers are environmental stewards and rely on the state’s natural resources to provide for their business. Farmers understand that future generations will reap what we sow today. So, it’s important to adopt environmentally-minded farming practices that help ensure our state’s farmers, and all Indiana residents, can forever enjoy our state’s rich resources of healthy water, land, wildlife and plant life.

What’s the benefit? While largely focusing upon nutrient management and soil health issues, the Indiana Corm Marketing Council (ICMC) invests corn farmers’ state corn checkoff funds to improve on-farm water quality and water-use practices. ICMC also focuses on the environmental impacts of the most important end uses of corn, including livestock and ethanol.  

Small changes today to impact tomorrow

ICMC is empowering farmers through the Nutrient Management and Soil Health (NMSH) strategy to review and adopt best management practices to increase awareness that nutrient loss from soil to water is an issue and can be managed at the farm level. Learn more about how you can make small changes today to impact tomorrow.