Q: How do I become a member of the Indiana Corn Growers Association?

A: Go to  https://www.incorn.org/icga/join-icga and click on either link to renew or join online.

Q: How much does the Advocacy membership cost?

A: A 1-year membership is $70 and a 3-year membership is $160. Your membership dues also automatically make you a member of National Corn Growers Association. To learn more about NCGA and some of the membership benefits they offer, visit ncga.com/for-farmers/membership-benefits.

Q: What’s the difference between ICMC and ICGA?

A: ICGA provides membership to corn growers and is committed to representing Indiana farmers on critical policy and regulatory issues affecting the corn industry. Even though policy actions are educationally supported by the corn checkoff through ICMC, these funds cannot be used to fund policy programs. Therefore, membership dollars are collected through active members of ICGA to fund policy work. Become a member of ICGA now and let your voice be heard.

If you are a producer who pays the corn checkoff, your checkoff funds cannot be used for lobbying elected officials on critical issues affecting your farming business in the Indiana General Assembly and U.S. Congress.

Q: What are ICGA’s public policy positions?

A: These are the positions on public policy adopted by the ICGA Board of Directors:

  • General Public Policy – Promote and grow agriculture and corn production for the future of our state and nation
  • Biofuels Policy – Ensure ethanol is a key component of the nation’s long term energy strategy
  • Livestock & Aquaculture Policy – Support a growing livestock and aquaculture industry that continues to build demand for Indiana corn
  • New Uses Policy – Expand corn uses in traditional and non-traditional products
  • Production & Environment Policy – Growing corn efficiently and sustainably while protecting and enhancing our natural resources
  • Transportation, Trade & Grain Marketing Policy – Support a state-of-the-art transportation system, increased trade opportunities, and policies to open and expand markets for Indiana corn

Read more about ICGA’s public policy positions.