Board of Directors

ICGA Board Leading the Way

It’s nice to know that fellow farmers guide the Indiana Corn Growers Association (ICGA) Board of Directors. The ICGA Board of Directors is made up of nine members from nine Indiana districts. Farmer-elected directors serve three-year terms. The board also has ex-officio members.

Current Members

District 1- Tom Murphy, Chesterton
District 2- Christian Rosen, Urbana
District 3- Sarah Delbecq, Auburn
District 4- Mike Beard, Frankfort
District 5- Scott Smith, Windfall
District 6- Chris Cherry, New Palestine
District 7- Tyler Everett, Lebanon
District 8- Mike Nichols, Rockport
District 9- Mike Flock, Ramsey

President: Scott Smith
Vice President: Chris Cherry
Secretary:  Sarah Delbecq
Treasurer: Mike Flock
Governance Committee Chair: Sarah Delbecq

John Baugh, Purdue University
Mike Buis, Indiana Corn Marketing Council
Elisha Kemp, Corteva Agriscience

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