Indiana Corn and Soybean Farmers Celebrate Legislative Successes

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 11, 2016) — As the General Assembly adjourned last night following a ten week spring legislative session, members of the Indiana Corn Growers Association and Indiana Soybean Alliance are celebrating millions of dollars in additional funding for roads and bridges and much needed farmland property tax reform.
Lawmakers advanced Senate Bill 67 and House Bill 1001 to Governor Pence’s desk. SB67 provides $430 million in additional funding to local counties, cities and towns. HB1001 shifts some gasoline use tax money from the General Revenue Fund to the transportation fund and provides a grant program for more local road programs.
“Rural roads and bridges here in southern Indiana and around the state are crumbling, and we thank members of the General Assembly for their action to help make these much needed repairs,” said Mike Nichols, a farmer from Spencer County and president of the Indiana Corn Growers Association. “We look forward to a discussion with leaders in 2017 to address long term funding sources for our local roads and bridges.”
Members of the General Assembly also approved Senate Bill 308, providing much needed relief to farmers who have seen rising property tax bills on their farmland. Indiana farmers have seen increases in property taxes as much as 60 percent since 2008 while net farm income has dropped 55 percent in the past two years.
“With markets struggling, the farmland property tax formula penalized farmers for previous success without taking current market conditions into account,” said Jeanette Merritt, chair of the Indiana Soybean Alliance Membership & Policy Committee. “We thank lawmakers for their bold efforts in reducing this excessive burden on farmers and begin stabilizing these out of control bills.”
Both Nichols and Merritt praised lawmakers for their thoughtful consideration of these important pieces of legislation. ICGA and ISA members urge Governor Pence to sign all three bills into law.
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