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2014 Ethanol Economic Impact Study

The “Economic Impact of the Ethanol Industry on Indiana’s Economy in 2014” was prepared for the Indiana Corn Marketing Council to highlight the economic impact of Indiana’s ethanol industry. The study, completed in March 2015, was done by Informa Economics. In 2014, Indiana produced an estimated 989 million gallons of ethanol and had a net contribution to the state’s GSP of $934 million, including farmer income of $315 million.

2012 Corn Stover for Bioenergy Production

The Indiana Corn Marketing Council partially funded this study conducted by Purdue University to review the potential economics behind the innovative market of aviation biofuels.

See a news release about the research here.

2011 Ethanol Economic Impact Study

The Indiana Corn Marketing Council’s 2011 Economic Impact Analysis of Indiana’s ethanol industry was conducted by Informa Economics to determine the direct and indirect economic effects of ethanol productionon o

A Techno Economic Analysis of the Corn Stover to Aviation Biofuels Supply Chain,

Comparison Between GTAP-Bio version 2004 and 2011

ther industries throughout the state. The study is the second installment of a previous study conducted in 2010.

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